Mateba Fan - The internet's only fansite dedicated to the curious firearms of Emilio Ghisoni

I started making video reviews of my guns on Youtube in the fall of 2010. The first gun I discussed was my then-new Chiappa Rhino 200DS. At the time, almost nobody had them yet and there was basically no information to read about them online. I thought a video review would be helpful for other gun nuts like me who were interested in the Rhino, but frustrated by the lack of first-person, real world opinions on the gun. People seemed to appreciate it, so I kept on making videos about some of the more interesting and unique items in my ever-growing arsenal.

It just so happens that the designs of Emilio Ghisoni all strike my "weird guns" chord just right. As I delved deeper into his work, I came to the opinion that he is under-appreciated and under-represented in the gun community online. The lack of information about him, the Macchine Termo-Ballistiche (Ma.Te.Ba.) and The.Ma. companies he owned, and his firearm designs, the Matebas MT1, MTR-8, 2006M and Unica and Chiappa Rhino, was a void that needed to be filled.

In May 2011, I felt I had accumulated a Ghisoni collection substantial enough to justify making a website about the man and his guns, in an attempt to share his innovation with the world. My collection is far from complete, however. I need a few more Unicas in different calibers and finishes, a couple more Rhinos in different configurations, and, finally and most daunting, I need to find a 2006M to import.

The guns themselves are scarce, and information about their background and history, as well as that of their creator, has also been a challenge to unearth. During my time spent tracking down these elusive creatures, I've scoured the depths of the internet, finding scattered fragments of information about them in Italian, French, German and English.

My goal here is to distill all the facts I've found, combine them with my personal experience with the guns, and provide the most comprehensive photo and video documentation of the guns on the internet.

I hope you'll enjoy the curious firearms of Emilio Ghisoni as much as I do.

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